What the heck have I been up to!!

Well so much for keeping an active blog. I haven’t really posted since December 10th but so much has happened so where do I begin. I’ve been shooting a lot, ever chance I get after I made a huge move to the island of Oahu in Hawaii! There is always so much going on here and things to see I have my camera with me 95% of the time. I’ve been shooting since December with a Canon 5Diii and it’s been a great camera. I went with that camera for the price I got it at and the reputation that it holds. I’ve just love the camera and love how rugged it is and the photos still come out sensational, however I am looking to get into more film making and shoot video and I decided to do a little upgrade. I found a great deal on a slightly used Canon 1DXii with super low shutter count and jumped on the offer.

I got a great deal on the trade on my camera and it just was all set. It’s a camera I’ve wanted since it was launched just too expensive to make the jump then. I know also, that in about 2 years for the next Olympics there will be a new one that will “hopefully” blow this one out of the water with brand new features and specs but again, it will be most likely out of my budget. I am so stoked for the camera and I really want to push my creativity to the next level and shoot small film projects for myself and clients.

I also have an epic trip to New Zealand coming up this December so I’m really anxious to put the camera to work and I’m sure I’m going to have loads of amazing photos and video from that trip. Hawaii has been an amazing experience so far and I will most certainly take advantage of my time here, although I know it will only be for a few more years, then off to a new place to explore and learn the culture. I really want to keep up to date with the blog as it’s just a way for me to look back on some fun times I’ve had, review a little gear and be a bit creative in writing. Until Next time!