Hasselblad 500cm... A timeless beauty.

When you are shopping for a used medium format film camera that is close to 40 years old one doesn't just walk into any old camera store and swipe the credit card and walk out. That being said, when your are shopping for a used Hasselblad, the processes can get even more tedious. I began my journey with research on top of research. I browsed forums, online groups, YouTube reviews, what to look for what to avoid and after a few months of searching I finally landed a winner! A beautiful one owner 500cm with original manual, and matching serial numbers. I frantically checked my phone for shipping updates hourly anticipating its arrival. 

I was lucky enough to find a great seller in the US to avoid having to buy from Japan or another country and having to deal with longer shipping times and possible customs headaches. The package arrived and I ripped it open to reveal an amazing example of a timeless beauty

Holding a Hasselblad in your hands is something that just has to be experienced. Better yet, looking through that amazingly clear waist level viewfinder is something of pure magic. It's a view that can under no means be recreated by today's technology. Needless to say I tossed a roll of film in it and got to work! I can't wait to enjoy this for many years to come! Stay tuned for a new page dedicated to some film work!

Never stop shooting!