Tactical Wrist Lanyard

UPDATE VERSION 2.0!!  Just finished the 4 color lanyard spread that will be available for sale. This is the colors I'm currently running. $35 for 1 and $50 for 2 with FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the US!


UPDATE!! Just finished another wrist lanyard in a nice deep red with beautiful rich tobacco leather. Love how this turned out. It's being shipped to one of my friends in a few days for him to enjoy!  


Inspired by things that are rugged, functional yet fashionable I was looking for a simple method of keeping my camera secure while also allowing me to get shots on the move. I have used bulky camera slings that were cumbersome and just got in the way especially when shooting casually. I wanted something with a quick disconnect that I could easily take off and store with out fussing about.

A lover of para-cord, I deiced to make my own. I went with a simple wrist strap as I didn't need a camera necklace, yet at the same time this is lightweight and strong. The PROTOTYPE, if you want to call it that, turned out great! I am entertaining the idea of making a few other color options in this style and putting them up for sale. Look for new color options in the upcoming week or two.

Cheers and happy shooting!